Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry experience since the 1980’s

Seasoned Veterans of the Pharmaceutical/Biotech and Packaging Industries with a passion for creativity, commitment and excellence. With over 50 years of experience, knowledge, countless successful projects and a pedigree to match, we therefore offer immense detailed expertise in these fields.

Being involved in the pioneering days of machine vision in the late 80’s with literally 100’s of systems successfully installed. We pioneered the advent of coding technologies such as the Pharma Code and 2D Code Technologies as well as OCR systems. This has provided us with unsurpassed experience.

In the mid 90’s our machinery division progressed into supplying leading edge processing equipment for vials, syringes, ampoules, tablet processing, leaflet folding and insertion. Combined with our extensive knowledge of machine vision we can now cover all facets of Pharmaceutical Aseptic processing and associated industries.

Our belief is to not just represent any supplier of a technology but the best leading supplier of that technology throughout the world. Based on this philosophy we have aligned ourselves with Industry Standard Partners that provide expertise in their individual field. This we value add for you and act as the conduit for this technology being successfully implemented on your behalf.

We provide industry leading technology backed up with experienced factory trained staff. We have a full-service team that are annually trained overseas with a fully functional electronic and mechanical workshop including CNC Mill, Lathe and sheet metal facilities.

In addition, we offer dedicated sales engineers, service engineers and spare parts personnel.

We offer expertise and solutions in the following:

Vials, Syringes & Ampoules

  • Aseptic Processing
  • Liquids, Powders & Lyophilized Product
  • Head Space Analysis & NIR
  • Non-Destructive Leak Testing – CCIT
  • High Speed Particulate & Quality Inspection

Barrier Technology systems

  • Isolators with VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Passive & Active RABS
  • Closed RABS (cRABS)
  • Laminar Air Flow Systems

Custom Machine Design

  • 3D AutoCAD design
  • To Current GMP Standards
  • In-House Programming of PLC’s, Servo Drives, Touch Screens, Database & SQL Development

Machine Vision & Lighting

  • Inspection of all Industry Standard Codes, Pharma Code, Data Matrix
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Specialized Knowledge in Lighting & Optics
  • Application Specific Lighting
  • 21CFR Compliant

Tablet Inspection

  • 100% Inspection for Defects
  • Character or Logo Inspection
  • High Speed 500,000 PPH in Full Colour
  • NIR (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy)

Service & Support

  • Electronic & Mechanical Technicians
  • Full Electronic & Mechanical Workshop Facilities
  • Extensive Experience in Importation of Machinery & Parts